Pain of Absence, Pain of Presence

This little concept is by far one of the most important reasons for why we get "hooked" or stuck on a thought and then continue to struggle. The pain of presence is easily noticeable, the pain of absence is less so, but the pain of absence is really an indication of what value, what matter's... Continue Reading →

The Use of a Coping Mechanism

This is by far one of the most critical elements of the Acceptance and Commitment Therapeutic approach.   It is often where I spend a good deal of time getting someone to focus their attention for the first few sessions as well as subsequent sessions after the fact since our minds will ALWAYS latch on so... Continue Reading →

New daily tips on instagram!!

Welcome to Team Positive, a community for those dealing with a life changing diagnosis. This account is dedicated to those who are facing a diagnosis, but also those who are supporting such as family, friends, and partners 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Here is a starting point, a simple set of “rules” to assist in establishing a positive support... Continue Reading →

Dealing with a Loss of Control

One of the most prevalent fears people have is that of losing control. When you heard the words (“You have cancer.” “Your x-ray shows a blockage.”) that outlined your diagnosis, this fear most likely became real. Something terrible has happened. It does not matter if you prepared ahead of time, took care of yourself, or... Continue Reading →

Understand Your Diagnosis

For weeks, possibly months, you lived in a state of uncertainty. Something hurt, something was not right, so you went into your physician’s office, assuming you would explain what was going on and be handed a solution. That is probably not what happened. If you were lucky, the clinician ordered a few tests, and you... Continue Reading →

Thought Management Techniques

More thought management techniques in this weeks end of the week reflection, join Todd Schmenk, as he walks through dealing with disturbing dreams and the thoughts often associated with them. Practical easy to follow pen and paper exercise that you can use right now also covered as a bonus. Learn how to use this and... Continue Reading →

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