What Gift Could You Give Your Future Self?

Take a moment, and make an apology to your future self. What do I mean by this? Well, what are those dreams, those things that you want to work on that you just don’t work on? In 5 minutes from now, in an hour from now, in 10 hours from now, tomorrow, I’d like for you to just take a moment and think about your future self. Do you want to be making an apology to your future self?

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I highly doubt this. Yet, often times, we do this, especially when it comes to things that make us uncomfortable, things that challenge us, things that push us outside of our comfort zone. But, in a way, what we’re fail to act on these action items what were are doing is setting it up the future in such a way that we will owe that future self an apology.  What would it be like to give yourself, your future self the gift of a strong value, a moment of great integrity, or something that we dream about currently?

Is there a book you’ve been wanting to write? Is there a job you would like to take? Or is it something as simple as it’s going outside of your house, going for a car trip all by yourself, going for a walk in the woods with friends? Yet, there’s no motivation. Something’s holding you back. It might be anxiety. It could be depression. But, either way, I’d like for you to start to think that what you could do right now in this moment that would be a gift for your future self.

You have an opportunity every time you make a choice to send yourself, the you in the future that’s coming, a gift. When there’s a hard decision, when you’re uncomfortable, you have the ability, and, I think if you take on this type of perspective and think about, “What would you like to give yourself tomorrow?” you would be more motivated.  What’s great about reframing and utilizing this kind of structure, “What gift will I give myself?” is that it no longer becomes a have to. Everybody likes to get a ift, but even more so, everybody like to give a gift, sometimes even more than getting one. “I have to get this done or else.” That’s focusing on the negative. I’d like for you to focus on the positive. What could you give yourself?

Let’s just say you have a difficult time leaving your home. You get really anxious, and there are physical symptoms. What would be a gift you could give to your future self? “I’m going to go for a walk around the block. I’m going to use my coping skills and do this.” There are all kinds of reasons why you shouldn’t, but, if you can frame it in such a way that, “I’m going to give my future self this gift of successfully getting out and walking around the block,” how wonderful would that be to receive this gift right now as you currently are? If you think the action and move forward, you can do this.

Another example might be sending out a résumé to a school or to a business that you would really like to work at but you’re afraid of failing. Think of it as giving a gift to your future self. It went out in the mail. Another sense of accomplishment. Another sense of confidence. You’ll be giving yourself these gifts instead of trying to avoid and focusing on the negative things to come if you don’t do something.

With that being said, what gift could you right now give to yourself in the future? Write it down. Take a moment. Then, go do it. Then, be ready to receive your own gift.

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  1. Excellent piece…..related to topic of procrastination, speaking from personal experience. But, alas….there is more behind procrastination then just lazinness.

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