Chaos and Order

These are two elements that are with us daily. Perhaps in the back of your mind you probably don’t think about these things all the time, but in essence, these two concepts, these two energies, these two constructs are creating the life in which you live, and oftentimes we are trying to run away from, push down, and control chaos. That would be order.
We see patterns out there in the chaos, in the universe, and we strive to put these things in order. We like structure. We’re more comfortable inside a structure. We are typically not comfortable in chaos, but I invite you to allow a certain amount of chaos to be a part of your life, to accept a certain level of chaos.
Chaos and order are of equal importance in relationship to each other. They are the polar opposites. Order is born out of chaos, out of our desire for us to have some type of structure in our lives so that we have some idea of what’s coming up next in order to reduce our anxiety levels. So again, order is born out of chaos. Before there was order, there was chaos.
Now, let’s go one step deeper. Chaos is defined by order, the structures that we put in place, the rules, the laws, the tools, the housing, the clothing, the harnessing of energy, flying, understanding, mathematics. These are all attempts to bring order and to define chaos.
If we can look a little deeper though, what we will find is that inside of chaos itself or when we look at something that looks chaotic, what we actually find is that hidden with are rules such as physics, mathematics. There are laws governing chaos just as much as there re laws governing order, and order allows a certain amount of chaos to actually ensue, to happen. So the question truly is, is it actually that there is chaos, or is it just simply a limitation of our imagination?
Then the final point of this is that when we try to apply too much order, when our focus is solely on order and we’re trying to hold the line from the chaotic boundary, and remember that that chaotic boundary is quite simply just not understanding the different elements, the different rules that are governing that particular aspect of reality. When we become too rigid, too structured, then it becomes very difficult for us to operate. We lose energy. We collapse in on ourselves, and out of too much order, too much structure, the whole thing crumbles and we find ourselves right back in the place that we were trying to move away from, and that is adding order to chaos. It’s a delicate balancing act.
Why does this matter? Why does this matter to you and I in our everyday lives? Well, when we try to pull away from chaos, we lose the energy that’s inherent in chaos, and when we move too heavily into chaos, we lose the stability and the comfort and the ways to reenergize ourselves that we find in order. In other words, as the Buddhist would say, it’s the middle path. We don’t want to launch too much into one side. We don’t want to launch too much into the other side. It’s finding that balance, and that’s the whole point of this message is beginning to entertain the dynamics and the dance that we have as humans with chaos and order.


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  1. It’s a dance I know too well . Driven to distraction with an insatiable appetite for exploring anything that resonates even a small glimmer of curiosity in me, I have amassed the most glorious chaos in both my physical and mental environments. At the age of 66, looking back on my life in words expressed by the ‘Grateful Dead’, “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been”, I’m longing for some focus in my life. Mortality rising in my awareness, I realize that I would prefer not to leave a legacy of half finished projects, unread books, and good intentions….boxes in the basement. Sooo….I have embarked on a full scale effort to organize the chaos….1st, focusing my mind by setting goals and daily priorities; 2nd, by creating systems for capturing any background extraneous thoughts, ideas, information, that ordinarily would take me out of focus and off task. This is done with different titled notebooks and colored pens where I am allotted the time to jot down book titles, references etc – a system that appears to appease my need to accumulate, while not taking much time (for the most part). Flexibility is important, unfinished daily tasks simply moved forward. Determination and persistence, equally important as drivers to maintain spirit and motivation to keep on “Truckin”.

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