Growth and Discomfort

Today I’m just going to start by asking you a simple question. Can you think of any time in your life where any amount of meaningful growth was not coupled with or associated with a certain amount of discomfort or pain?
Growth and discomfort, they always comes together.
For the life of me, I haven’t been able to find a single place in my life where there hasn’t been a certain level of discomfort or anxiety and sometimes even physical pain and/or emotional pain when I was moving through something new, learning more about myself, trying to learn a new skill.
Ultimately ended up with the reward of having a new skill, a new way of looking at the world, a new perception, a new way of engaging with life, oftentimes much better than it was in the first place.
Take a moment. Write down maybe five or six examples of places in your life where there has been significant growth.
It could be mental growth, it could be spiritual growth, it can be academic or professional growth.  It could be athletic growth. I think the athletic example is where we would all be more familiar with and how this principle can best be illustrated. The old saying, “No pain, no gain,” seems to apply to more than just the physical aspects. It applies to how we engage in our life and move through specific challenges.
If we run away from those challenges, no growth.
No discomfort, no pain, no growth.
You just stagnate. It’s boring. Ultimately, it leads to a different kind of pain and one we are forced to move through anyways. So instead of running from it, hit it straight on, and simply say to yourself when you see this coming, when it’s all said and done, “I will be good, so bring it.”
Discomfort and growth.
A solid principle.

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