Big Mind Big Heart

I thought I would take a moment to introduce one of my favorite approaches into building better self-awareness, both for myself (I have been using this technique since I was introduced to in back in 2004) as well as in session with those I work with.

What is fantastic about this tool is the ability to gain an increased awareness of the many different voices that are all naturally occurring within the mind.  (mindfulness technique).  Most people are aware that they have a thinking mind and are aware of a constant stream of thoughts occurring all day long.  What most people don’t think about is that there are several perspectives that these thoughts take and that it is possible to put them into categories or “buckets” so that it is possible to better understand where they come from, what their function is, and most importantly, whether or not the thought is useful given the direction one wants to go.

This tool is built upon the concepts found within the voice dialogue approach—a Jungian therapeutic technique designed to expand the individual’s ability to make choices in life rather than to behave in an automatic and unconscious fashion.  While it has been around for some time, it was more formally specified in the late 80’s bu Hal and Sidra Stone.

Here is a video looking at the process in greater detail from Brain Johnson, another person also worth looking into when it comes to finding useful tools and concepts that you can add to your lifestyle:


Here is the webpage from Dennis Merzel who took this concept one step further combining it with in meditative format:




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