New Video and Updates!

Hey All,

New Video!!  I hope you enjoy…


Plus – I just finished updating to of my long time favorite programs.  You can view what they are about here:

A Mindfulness Primer

This course was designed to help you tap into and increase your ability to observe (which you are already doing) and draw from hundreds of hours and feedback from participants in a variety of situations that have completed this work before you.  They have all benefited from developing such a practice and within four weeks, you can as well.


Thriving with Anxiety!

This course is a compilation of the best of the best.  It is backed by evidenced based research from the fields of nutrition, education, neuroscience, medicine and psychology.  It is rooted within the integral framework in order to amplify and connect the theoretical and pragmatic components.

Most importantly, the items selected for this course are based upon my experience in working with hundreds of individuals dealing with anxiety challenges and the successes I have personally witnessed.

This is the 3rd addition and was originally tested on groups who went through, attended live sessions and then gave me feedback on how to make it better.  So here it is! Enjoy!

I hope you find these items useful.


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