Who Is the Hero?

The hero is the person who has the diagnosis. This does not necessarily mean that they are courageous, in fact, some with a serious diagnosis resent being called the “hero” since it implies that it took some extra effort and conscious decision on their part. That is not how I see it nor am using it in this book.

To me, the hero is the main character, the one who did not have any choice or made a choice to commit since the alternative was not useful. Instead of going down the path with a negative mindset, they chose to engage either with a positive mindset or at least with an “is what it is” mindset. Complaining all the way is not usually the most workable strategy and even those who start off this way, usually come around and make the most of it. That is the hero that I speak of and write about.

They might be reluctant, but they do it anyway.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Do what you have to do to survive the ordeal.

  • Keep a notebook of questions that can be brought with you to each medical appointment to be addressed.

  • Notice when your mind gets hung up on negative thoughts and use the skills in this book to “unhook” and refocus on the positives, no matter how small.

  • Be sure to keep yourself in balance, using the tools and strategies found within the book.

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