The ACT Deck

In working to develop support for a difficult diagnosis,  I have played around with a large range of products available on the market.  One of the most useful tools I have come across would most certainly enhance the information in my book, Team Positive, How to Build Support for Someone Coping with Chronic Illness, would be getting a copy of the ACT Deck here.

This deck is by far one of my most favorite tools for use both in session and as a support tool for my patients outside of session.

It takes the basics from the Acceptance and Commitment therapy approach and lays them out in easy to use exercises that can be used anywhere. I also use these cards myself each day, sometimes in the morning to prepare for the day, or sometimes at night to reflect on the day.

They move through the three main areas of ACT’s focus, engagement, openness, and awareness, offering suggestions and exercises to consider to help develop psychological flexibility.

I have found that both with my own personal use and the use of these cards by my patients, that there is greater psychological flexibility, which means that most times, the effects of a stressful thought or memory is reduced considerably.

Definitely worth the investment.

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