Quick Mindfulness Exercise | Jamestown | Rhode Island

I have a small group of mindfulness videos where you can practice a technique while viewing places I have visited. These are guided, so all you need to do is follow along.

If you enjoy this one and find it helpful, you can access the playlist here.

Here is a description of this one:

This quick mindfulness exercise is part of a series of simple visual prompts with non-distracting music set to a wide variety of videos captured by Todd Schmenk, while out for his usual hikes. When he finds a place that is inspiring and calming, he is know for grapping a few minutes worth of video that is then paired up with some visual prompts to help practice your mindfulness skills. No mindfulness experience is required in order to get the benefit. Enjoy! his video was shot near Beaver Tail Park on Jamestown, Rhode Island.

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