5 Lifestyle Approaches for Reducing Anxiety

Here are five key lifestyle modifications and techniques that you can use to manage factors that contribute to anxiety and your productivity. ONE:  One of the most important factors is getting enough sleep.  There is plenty of research out there that exemplifies how top performers get the most sleep.  This may sound counter-intuitive, you would... Continue Reading →

Have a Plan to Prevent Drifting

In order for us to truly ingrain a new behavior, we need to do it with a great amount of frequency, consistency and intensity plus have a state of mind that is more adaptable so that when  something gets in the way and disrupts our intentions we can still move forward.  If we don’t come up with an overall plan, then it is less likely that the new behavior is going to stick and more likely that we will return to the old behavior due to this behavior being something we have been reinforcing with frequency and consistency such as mindlessly eating sweets or grabbing whatever is nearby us for lunch.  

Managing Your Energy

A prevalent thought in our culture tends to be a focus or even a hyper-focus on managing our time.  Schedulers, phone applications, reminder notes, and countless courses are all dedicated to the art of being more productive in planning your day and managing your time. While having a schedule to ensure that the we stay on track is a good habit to have, we have missed out on a critical element which is that energy management, not time management should be our most important concept, since without energy, you could have the most efficient schedule ever made and it won’t matter.

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