What is Integral Theory?

What would it be like to have the ability to broaden your perspective to bring more into your realm of understanding? What would it be like to have a different way to be able to connect to other people, see the conversations for what they are? Is this the kind of life that you would like to build for yourself? For your family and for your community? If so, then I highly suggest looking into integral theory. 

Big Mind Big Heart

I thought I would take a moment to introduce one of my favorite approaches into building better self-awareness, both for myself (I have been using this technique since I was introduced to in back in 2004) as well as in session with those I work with. What is fantastic about this tool is the ability... Continue Reading →

What Gift Could You Give Your Future Self?

You have an opportunity every time you make a choice, you make a decision, to send yourself, the you in the future that's coming, a gift. When there's a hard decision, when you're uncomfortable, you have the ability, and, I think if you take on this type of perspective and think about, "What would you like to give yourself tomorrow?"

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