Big Mind Big Heart

I thought I would take a moment to introduce one of my favorite approaches into building better self-awareness, both for myself (I have been using this technique since I was introduced to in back in 2004) as well as in session with those I work with. What is fantastic about this tool is the ability... Continue Reading →

Chaos and Order

These are two elements that are with us daily. Perhaps in the back of your mind you probably don't think about these things all the time, but in essence, these two concepts, these two energies, these two constructs are creating the life in which you live, and oftentimes we are trying to run away from,... Continue Reading →

The Number One Job of the Mind

What is the main job of the mind? I ask this question a lot since it is typically one of the main attributes which needs to be addressed in working with others (and myself) in that we often get stuck in our thoughts because of our minds primary job.  Think about those times when you... Continue Reading →

5 Lifestyle Approaches for Reducing Anxiety

Here are five key lifestyle modifications and techniques that you can use to manage factors that contribute to anxiety and your productivity. ONE:  One of the most important factors is getting enough sleep.  There is plenty of research out there that exemplifies how top performers get the most sleep.  This may sound counter-intuitive, you would... Continue Reading →

3 Good Mindfulness Practice Apps

As many of you know, one of the tools I utilize heavily in session is the development of better awareness.  I like to look at behavioral patterns, look for successes and like to increase the ability of an individual to be present and see thoughts, emotions and sensations as they occur since these aspects heavily... Continue Reading →

Why Mindfulness is So Important

A short discussion about the importance of mindfulness and the effects that having a mindfulness practice can have on enhancing your life and dealing with difficult emotional states like depression or anxiety.

What Gift Could You Give Your Future Self?

You have an opportunity every time you make a choice, you make a decision, to send yourself, the you in the future that's coming, a gift. When there's a hard decision, when you're uncomfortable, you have the ability, and, I think if you take on this type of perspective and think about, "What would you like to give yourself tomorrow?"

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