A Good Covid-19 Resource

I have found this book to highly useful, both personally and professionally and thought I had an obligation to ensure that as many people should be aware of it as possible. It covers a whole host of topics from what the mind does when facing something that comes at us from out of the blue,... Continue Reading →

Working At Home Without Losing Your Mind

This video covers 5 steps you can practice when working at home without losing your mind. These are good mental health while working at home strategies that have been gathered from a wide variety of individuals all dealing with different circumstances and considerations. These are the common reported results. I hope they are useful for... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Your Thoughts and Feelings

One of the greatest gifts that mindfulness gives us is the ability to objectify that which we are subject to.  ACT refers to this as defusion, mindfulness calls it awareness.  If we practice this enough, we begin to notice an important distinction, that we are not our thoughts or feelings and in doing so, we... Continue Reading →

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