The Hardest Moment

I had thought the hardest moment was the point in which I found out that someone I loved, my father, was diagnosed with cancer.  I remember the moment quite clearly.  My wife and I were getting ready to head out to Boston to teach a dance lesson for a local venue. As we were getting... Continue Reading →

The ACT Deck

In working to develop support for a difficult diagnosis,  I have played around with a large range of products available on the market.  One of the most useful tools I have come across would most certainly enhance the information in my book, Team Positive, How to Build Support for Someone Coping with Chronic Illness, would... Continue Reading →

Who Is the Hero?

The hero is the person who has the diagnosis. This does not necessarily mean that they are courageous, in fact, some with a serious diagnosis resent being called the "hero" ...

Thoughts and Feelings

Latest video discussion a concept to keep in mind for your mindfulness practice.  Topic takes a closer look at your thoughts and feelings and reminds the viewer that while we have thoughts and feelings, we are not our thoughts and feelings, as well as why this is important to understand.

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