Thoughts and Feelings

Latest video discussion a concept to keep in mind for your mindfulness practice.  Topic takes a closer look at your thoughts and feelings and reminds the viewer that while we have thoughts and feelings, we are not our thoughts and feelings, as well as why this is important to understand.

You Are Not Your Thoughts and Feelings

One of the greatest gifts that mindfulness gives us is the ability to objectify that which we are subject to.  ACT refers to this as defusion, mindfulness calls it awareness.  If we practice this enough, we begin to notice an important distinction, that we are not our thoughts or feelings and in doing so, we... Continue Reading →

What is Integral Theory?

What would it be like to have the ability to broaden your perspective to bring more into your realm of understanding? What would it be like to have a different way to be able to connect to other people, see the conversations for what they are? Is this the kind of life that you would like to build for yourself? For your family and for your community? If so, then I highly suggest looking into integral theory. 

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